Friday, May 27, 2011

Enterprise Social Bookmarking Behind the Firewall

Tonight while we watched NRL (Aussie National Rugby League) I shared the concepts of Enterprise Collaborative Bookmarking with my Significant Other who said they were having issues with finding info at work. 

He wanted to know what it meant in a sentence or two - so after digging thourgh my tagged Googlereader RSS items & Diigo / Delicious bookmarks - here's the reply  I emailed to him :

= Sharing (& tagging/categorising) bookmarks or favourites behind the firewall = ie like Delicious or Diigo behind the firewall
= search time saved by checking others' saved bookmarks = less reinventing the wheel

I dream of being able to really use Enterprise Social Bookmarking on Sharepoint (my org's still stuck at Sharepoint 2007) & Confluence (we've just upgraded so need to check on whether we've got the necessary plug-in !)

Now here's some more references :

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